Yesterday, ShadowChemosh posted the 1.3 update to the Path of War community package for Hero Lab, which contains all the work I’ve been doing for the package for the last couple of months.  It’s a big update, so here are the highlights:

  • The Warder class, which is the last remaining initiator class that the package was missing.
  • All the archetypes for the three initiating classes.  The Warsoul and Pathwalker are still not in, because of the trickiness with integrating the Path of War content with the psionics package.
  • All remaining feats from Path of War have been implemented, including Martial Training – which grants martial maneuvers to non-initiating classes.
  • All remaining martial Disciplines have been added, and stances have been implemented for all existing disciplines
  • For the Golden Lion discipline, which is largely about empowering one’s allies, I’ve added some Adjustments to reflect having the benefit of another character’s Golden Lion stance.
  • Speaking of Adjustments, I’ve also added some that add or remove access to a particular martial discipline for an initiating class.  This is useful for anyone who wants to house-rule a custom discipline list for a particular class, or to reflect the discipline exchange from joining a Martial Tradition.

If you don’t already have the Path of War package, you can get it (along with ShadowChemosh’s other packages) by adding this data source to Hero Lab:

Just hit the View Updates button at the upper-right corner, then when the updates window appears press the Add Source button, choose New Source on the next window, and enter the above URL.

The package still isn’t quite done, though.  I’ve started working on prestige classes, which is the main thing that’s missing.

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